About Dream Plan Do


What do you want to achieve in 2019?

Do you want to start or grow your small creative product business in 2019? Do you create and sell beautiful craft or design products, such as textiles or fashion accessories, jewellery, stationery, prints, giftware or homewares?

Do you dream of making a better living from your products and skills? Would you like to get more sales and clients next year?

Where do you want to take your business in the next 1, 2 or 5 years? Or do you need a little help, get more clarity and focus on what you really want to do? And most importantly what steps to take to get you ‘there’?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything there is to do to create a successful business? Spinning too many plates? Just having a great product isn’t enough these days … you also need to understand and work on your marketing, social media, your finances. Are you avoiding the financial realities and marketing activities that could make your business more successful?

Want to spend your limited time, money and energy more wisely? To really get the results you want? Want to feel proud and satisfied with your life and business choices? Have more fun again running your business?

Is now the time to put your big girl’s pants on and take yourself a bit more serious? Become more professional? Launch your next product collection properly with less stress and chaos? Show in the right galleries, shops, events AND online? Identify YOUR ideal clients, reach out to them with confidence, build your profile and professional relationships?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then DREAM PLAN DO is for you!.



At the heart of DREAM PLAN DO is the planner journal that helps ambitious creative businesses with their planning, and to turn their ideas into action.

In the last two years I sold more than 3,000 copies of the DREAM PLAN DO planner journal to creatives in more than 28 countries across the world.

DREAM PLAN DO is based on my 25 years of experience as a creative business adviser, trainer and coach, for thousands of creatives in the UK and abroad.

It’s a coach-like book: It’s full of the questions and exercises that I’ve used with my clients over all these years. It’s like having your own personal coach asking you the big and small questions and giving you practical homework to do. Whenever you like, wherever you are.

It’s a workbook … so that you can develop and create your own answers. Full of space to write down your thoughts and plans. Beautifully produced so that you can use use and treasure it.

DREAM PLAN DO will help you to combine the 3 essential responsibilities that all successful entrepreneurs need:

  • Dream bigger and think more strategically: You start with 'the Big Picture' to help you clarify your vision for the future, and what’s really important to you. Each quarter you will set a new 90-day juicy goal to really move your creative business forward. And I’ll ask you those big and awkward questions to get you out of your comfort zone and bring some sizzle back into your business.

  • Plan how you get from A to B: You will turn your big ideas into do-able plans. Every quarter you will review what’s working in your creative business, and what still needs work. You will identify your own 90-day juicy goals and create quarterly and monthly plans to turn your big ideas into do-able monthly and weekly activities. Prioritise your deadlines and what needs work in your business. Use the quiet times to get ready for the busy times. You will be working on ALL aspects of your business ... including the parts you have been avoiding till now!

  • Do and take action to move your business forward: Stop talking and fantasing, start doing instead! Do the right things at the right time of the year with 12 consecutive monthly themes that focus on what you need to work on that month. Full of tricks to help you stop procrastinating and be more productive.

The monthly planner journal will be your regular guide to build a more successful creative business. To make the time and space that you need to reflect, plan ahead, learn, take action and track your progress throughout 2019.

The annual wall planner will help you to keep the overview and helps with goal setting and deadlines on a monthly and quarterly level. With space for your own appointments + all the major design and craft events in the UK and abroad + all the holidays + other useful days.

The DREAM PLAN DO VIP Club is for creative professionals from across the world who want to get more in-depth online business training and advice from Patricia personally, more accountability to keep on track, and who want to join an online community of like-minded creative professionals who are working on their creative business too - throughout 2019.

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But it’s a lot more than just a book …

It’s a year of expert business coaching in a book. It asks the right questions at the right time, so you can come up with the best solution for YOUR business, life and clients. You'll stop going round in circles chasing your tail, always busy but not focusing on what really matters.

It comes with online training and a private Facebook group. To inspire and help you even more, EVERY purchaser of the planner journal will get access to 4 hours of online training, plus our vibrant and friendly, private Facebook group to share your questions, challenges and successes along the way.

And if you want even more support and accountability, join our special Dream Plan Do VIP club and international online community!

In the last two years DREAM PLAN DO has become an exciting movement of creatives. More than 3,000 planners have been sold to creatives in 30+ countries. Thousands of images have been shared on social media with the #dreamplando hashtag. Dream Plan Do-ers stay in touch through our lively and supportive, private Facebook group, and we also have over 100 paying members in the DREAM PLAN DO VIP CLUB who join two online training sessions each month.

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My name is Patricia van den Akker

I’m the Director of The Design Trust, the online business school for designers and makers, based in London, England.

I created Dream Plan Do in 2016, based on 25+ years experience as a business adviser, trainer and coach to thousands of creatives, especially designers and makers. In March 2018 I was voted The Number One UK Business Adviser in Branding & Design by Enterprise Nation.

In my work I see too many creative businesses struggle. They lack focus, don’t set clear goals, don’t work enough on their finances or marketing. Don’t make enough money for all the hard work they put in.

I wanted to create a beautiful business book that uses the best exercises and advice that I have developed over the last twenty-five years – to help creatives capture all their ideas and thoughts in one place, and make them happen through proven accountability techniques. In an affordable way.

I’m addicted to beautiful planning stationery too! But as an experienced business adviser I wanted to create a book that does more than your average superficial planner. One that digs deeper and asks the right questions at the right time. That unveils what you really want to do, what you are about, and why you do what you do. But also to give essential practical advice on planning, marketing, social media and finance that really works. That doesn’t just say ‘do more marketing’ or ‘get a website’ but actually shows you what to do, step-by-step.

What started as an idea in my head has become this wonderful ‘adventure’ book for so many creatives on this journey. It’s been amazing to turn my creative talent into an entrepreneurial success, with a huge social and entrepreneurial impact. I’m so proud of what creatives across the world have achieved because of Dream Plan Do! They’ve made fundamental changes in their lives and businesses, launched new collections and better websites. They have dared to approach new clients and dreamed bigger dreams. They have truly grown. On their own terms.

And I want to help you do the same.