111 Dream Plan Do Club: 12 x monthly training + the wall and monthly planner

111 Dream Plan Do Club: 12 x monthly training + the wall and monthly planner


PLEASE NOTE: We are currently out of stock of the wall planner and we will send your monthly + wall planner in w/c 9 January.


This is for creative professionals from across the world who want to join an online community of like-minded people who are working on their creative business throughout 2017.

Network, ask and answer questions, share your ups and downs and get accountability from this exciting group of people.

Plus you will get monthly webinars with Patricia on the topic of the month, to give you extra exercises, more in-depth knowledge + the chance to ask any questions you might have.

PLUS You will receive the monthly planner + the wall planner too! (and postage & packaging is included in UK and overseas!)

The DREAM PLAN DO 111 Club is our exclusive online training and support community, hosted by me - Patricia van den Akker.

It’s open to professional creatives of any age, any discipline, and any level of business experience, anywhere in the world.

But only 111 of them.

Think about it.

If your goal was to get fit, you’d probably achieve more by engaging a personal trainer or joining a regular exercise class.

If you were looking to lose weight, you’d at least consider joining a diet club.

Why? Because they will not only give you regular access to an experienced professional, they also provide a support group of like-minded people, looking to achieve the same goals, who can share their experiences and egg you on when you feel like quitting.

Learning from others.

Sharing successes and setbacks.

Giving and receiving support.

That’s how goals are achieved in life.

So why should running your own creative business be any different?



PLEASE NOTE: We are currently low on stock on our monthly planners. We are getting new stock in just before Christmas but can NOT guarantee Christmas delivery for orders placed after 15 December. Sorry.

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