COMBO: wall planner + black monthly planner

COMBO: wall planner + black monthly planner

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Get the wall planner + the red monthly planner, to work in partnership. If the journal planner is your private space to plan, the wall planner is your public facing pledge to take action!

The journal planner will take you month-by-month through all aspects of your creative business - In January we will look at the big goals for the year and juicy goal setting; in February we tackle financial goals; in March we will work on 'what' you actually create and sell; in April we dive deeper into 'who your clients really are'; in May you will start working on launching and creating your collection and brand ... all the way to launching in September; events in October and making the most of Christmas.

The high quality A1 size (594 x 841mm) wall planner shows all the days of the year and is ideal for pinning up in your work space.

Beautifully designed, it enables you to fill in your meetings and deadlines, but also make time for your goals and actions, giving you a complete overview of your year, month by month.

And of course, because this is a wall planner from THE DESIGN TRUST, we’ve included the major dates of holidays and gift festivals (including some cheeky ones!), plus the dates of all the major UK and international trade shows and craft/design events!

On the back of the wall planner, you can state your 3 annual goals and work out your deadlines, goals and actions for each quarter and month in terms of finance, marketing and creativity.

This is great tool I created and use with many of my private clients:

  • to turn your big ideas into reality,
  • to make decisions and prioritise your workload,
  • identify your deadlines,
  • and to keep on track.

The wall planner will be folded to A4 and send to you in a hard-back envelope.




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