2019 Dream Plan Do VIP Club (incl. monthly online training, hardback planner, annual planner and VAT)

2019 Dream Plan Do VIP Club (incl. monthly online training, hardback planner, annual planner and VAT)


The Dream Plan Do VIP club closed on 31 January 2019 for new members. Sorry!

What’s the Dream Plan Do VIP CLUB?

Want to buy the Dream Plan Do planner journal but want to get an extra boost in terms of extra online training, an online network of ambitious creatives like you plus more accountability? Join the DREAM PLAN DO VIP Club – an online training & support community of like-minded professional creatives across the world who want to make 2019 their best year yet, but who know that they need a bit of extra support and accountability to make it happen. 

The DREAM PLAN DO VIP Club is our exclusive online training and support community, hosted by me - Patricia van den Akker.

It’s open to professional creatives of any age, any discipline and any level of business experience, anywhere in the world.

Think about it.

If your goal was to get fit, you’d probably achieve more by engaging a personal trainer or joining a gym.

If you were looking to lose weight, you’d at least consider joining a diet club.

Why? Because they not only give you regular access to an experienced professional, they also provide a support group of like-minded people, looking to achieve the same goals, who can share their experiences and egg you on when you feel like quitting.

Learning from others.

Sharing successes and setbacks.

Giving and receiving support. That’s how goals are achieved in life.

So why should running your own creative business be any different?


and you will get:

  • A beautiful but sturdy A5 hardback planner journal, with elastic and two bookmarks. Packed full of practical monthly advice, quarterly and monthly planning tools, visual trackers for your marketing and finance. We have SOLD OUT the red coral hard back planner, so you will get a dark teal hardback planner journal.

  • The A2 Wall Year Planner 2019 - with all the dates of all the UK design + craft events + a practical annual planner on the reverse.

  • Every month, 2 exclusive online training sessions with creative business expert Patricia van den Akker based on that month's topic: 90min teaching that month's topic in more depth + 90min practice session to share your homework and ask questions. The sessions take place in the evening from 8pm (UK time) to allow as many people as possible to join for the live sessions. Each session will be recorded, so if you are unable to join us live then you can watch the recordings. Or you can use the recordings to watch sessions again, or to do it entirely at your own pace. When it suits you, again and again. A unique opportunity to ask questions to Patricia directly, to get feedback and to stay on track.

  • Join our private online community for DPD VIP members, where you will find all the recordings of the sessions + presentations + additional resources. You can also network with other creative professional VIP members from across the world, ask questions and get additional feedback in writing. You’ll have access to this online community for 18 months till June 2020.

  • In our VIP area you can register for an accountability partner every quarter: another VIP member you can partner with so that you two can stay in touch regularly and help each other to achieve.

  • The option to upgrade to a private coaching session with Patricia. Each month a limited amount of coaching sessions will be made available exclusively to DPD VIP members. This is a unique opportunity as Patricia doesn’t provide individual coaching normally. Get personal coaching, advice and feedback from her on any aspect of your creative business for a favourable coaching rate.

  • Downloadable & printable PDFs of all the main planning tools in the journal planner in A4 format - so you can plan to your heart's content, have a bit more space for your plans and start again on something if necessary.

  • Additional resources: Get 4 hours of online resources on our main website + access to our private Dream Plan Do 2019 Facebook group.


The Dream Plan Do VIP club starts in January 2019 and you will receive details of the first online training sessions that will take place in mid January. The Dream Plan Do VIP club only accepts members between mid November and 31 January 2019. You can only join for the full 12 months.

We send your hardback planner journal and wall planner order within 2-3 working days at the moment. We will send you a confirmation too by email with instruction how to register for the Dream Plan Do VIP club. Note that this is not automatic and might take 24hours, especially during the weekends or holidays.

Please note that the training element of the Dream Plan Do VIP club is charged at 20% VAT. If you require a VAT invoice then do get in touch with us on info@thedesigntrust.co.uk

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