Luxurious black monthly planner

Luxurious black monthly planner


The monthly planner will be your guide to build a more successful creative business. To make the time and space that you need to reflect, plan ahead, learn, take action and track your progress throughout 2017.

DREAM PLAN DO uses proven tools and techniques to help you:

  • think bigger
  • make decisions
  • prioritise
  • plan ahead
  • review
  • get into action
  • and stay on track

Month-by-month. In manageable steps.

What’s inside your DREAM PLAN DO Planner?

  • A different business topic each month, helping you tackle areas of your business in a logical and timely way, without feeling overwhelmed. So you’ll know you are doing the right thing at the right time, making full use of the quieter months to get ready for the busy run up to Christmas. You’ll never feel ‘behind’ again!
  • Bite-size chunks of invaluable information on ALL aspects of running your craft business, including money, marketing, branding, social media, time management and more. No more risk of 'forgetting' anything. (And no chance to avoid anything either!)
  • At the end of each month thought-provoking & reflective questions to help you explore your vision, your values and the foundations of YOUR business and who you really are as a creative. You’ll turn these insights into a real-life, personal business and brand - reflecting who YOU are and what you want to be known for.
  • Lots of practical creative exercises each month to use your visual talent, imagination, doodling and brainstorming skills. This isn't a boring planner! Work at your own pace and implement what you do in your business straight away.
  • Monthly check-ups on your 3 juicy annual goals to keep you on track and working on the things that REALLY matter to you, so you’ll see serious progress. We use all the tricks to help you keep on track!
  • Monthly reviews of your financial goals and marketing actions to create the business you want. And monthly cash-flow forecasts to ensure your finances are healthy!
  • Strategies to help you make time and space for yourself; to reflect and learn, to plan ahead and make the right decisions, to get into action, and to overcome procrastination.
  • Every month, inspiring quotes and illustrations from 3 creative professionals – because we all need a bit of inspiration and a smile too.
  • Plenty of space for your thoughts and ideas - after all, you’re a creative! And pages for your notes for blog post ideas, inspiring role models and books & podcasts to check out.


The monthly planner is A5 size, with nearly 300 pages, 120 gsm. Printed and designed in the UK. Available in bright red or luxurious black with a hand-stitched book mark.




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How to use your DREAM PLAN DO Planner

You can dive in at any point in the year. But most creative business people find the beginning of January is the best time, because:

It’ll give you the full year to build up to the peak sales Christmas / holiday season (most craft businesses and especially giftware businesses are very seasonal by nature!)
You’ll be full of New Year’s motivation!
How much time you spend on your Planner is up to you, but I promise, if you carve out just 1-2 hours, twice a month, you’ll see the difference.

I recommend one mid-month session to work on that month’s exercises, and another session at the end of each month to review how things are going.