2019 Softback Monthly Planner Journal

2019 Softback Monthly Planner Journal


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The softback planner journal comes with 4 hours of recorded online training (available from January 2019) + a private Facebook community with weekly questions + free p/p in UK (and discounted internationally).

What’s the Dream Plan Do 2019 monthly planner?

This softback monthly planner journal will be your guide to build a more successful creative business in 2019. Packed full with practical business advice ESPECIALLY for designers, makers and other creative product businesses, such as stationery, prints, homewares & giftware.

It’s a workbook … asking you the small and big questions every month that will help you to move your business truly forward. From setting goals for the year and your finances, to what you really do and who your ideal clients are, to creating and launching a brand and product collection, to planning and doing your marketing and social media for your online and wholesale orders, events and more.

Dream Plan Do is based on my 25 years experience as a creative business adviser, trainer and coach. Dream Plan Do is full of the questions and exercises that I have used and developed with 1,000s of creative clients over the years. It’s like having me as your coach by your side all year round, whenever you need to work ON your business, wherever you are.

To help you DREAM bigger, PLAN better and start DOING!

To help you focus on the things that really matter

To work in line with the market flow of most creative businesses and get ready to launch your product in the Autumn for the Christmas market.

To prioritise and make your own decisions - more confidently. Make the most of the quiet times to get ready for the busy times.

Turn your big ideas into do-able steps. Quarter by quarter. Month by month.

This monthly planner is available in:

  • a beautiful coral red or a dark teal soft touch cover, with a ‘connect-the-dots-mid-century-pattern’ on the front and back.

  • in A5 size (15cm x 21cm) very practical to plan wherever you want and to take with you too

  • beautiful simple design that will help you to develop your ideas into results

  • just over 300 pages, packed full with practical timely business advice, practical quarterly goals and plans, monthly plans, visual plans for your marketing, finance & social media.

  • 120 gsm, no-bleed paper to write your own notes and use the planners.

  • Written, printed and designed in the UK.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE SOFTBACK OPTION: It is less sturdy than the hardback version, and it does NOT have an elastic around to keep your notes together, and also no fabric bookmarks or colourful inside cover. If you truly want to use the planner journal regularly then we recommend the hardback cover.


What’s inside your DREAM PLAN DO Planner?

  • Start with 'the Big Picture' and identify what you really want to achieve - this year and beyond. Work on your vision and your true motivations and values of what's important in your life and business. Dream Plan Do asks you some big fundamental questions to make sure that you are on the right track for you, your business and clients.

  • Every quarter you will review how you and your business are doing, what's working well and what needs your attention and work. Set your own 90-day juicy goal and create your own quarterly and monthly plans (including your juicy goal, finance, marketing & production) to move your creative business forward. Break big goals down into smaller chunks.

  • Each month has a different theme (based on the natural market rhythms of seasonal creative businesses). Each month you will tackle a specific area in your business in a logical and timely way, without feeling overwhelmed. So you’ll know you are doing the right thing at the right time, making full use of the quieter months to get ready for your product launch in the Autumn and the busy run up to Christmas.

  • This book is like a business coach you wish you could afford: Full of creative exercises, thought-provoking questions, handy planners and checklists - so you can write down or doodle your own ideas, develop them further, review them and plan ahead. This planner is based on Patricia's 20+ years of experience as a creative business adviser, trainer and coach based in London (UK) working with 1,000s of successful creatives.

  • Bite-size chunks of real-life and practical information, checklists and tips on ALL aspects of running your craft or design business, including money, marketing, branding, social media, time management and more. No more risk of 'forgetting' anything.

  • IT’S MORE THAN JUST A BOOK! If you purchase the Dream Plan Do monthly planner journal then you get access to 4 hours online training for FREE + a vibrant and friendly private Facebook group - Access our exclusive web page from January onwards for short, practical videos to explain some of the exercises in more detail. And you can join our private FB group to connect with other Dream Plan Do-ers across the world and for a weekly question by Patricia.

  • Lots of practical creative exercises each month to use your visual talent, imagination, doodling and brainstorming skills. This isn't a boring planner! Work at your own pace and implement what you do in your business straight away.

  • Quarterly check-ups on your goals, finances and marketing actions to keep you on track and working on the things that REALLY matter to move your business forward, so you’ll see serious progress. We use all the tricks to help you keep on track!

  • Visual tracker for your financial goals, marketing & social media actions to create the business you want. At the end of the planner you can mark exactly how far you have come with achieving your goals.

  • Proven strategies to help you stop procrastinating and become more effective and take action. And make time and space for yourself; to reflect and learn, to plan ahead and make the right decisions.

  • Plenty of space for your thoughts and ideas - after all, you’re a creative!


We are currently shipping within 2-3 working days.

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